14 September, 2007

Package from Japan

Sure enough I overslept so I missed a Ear Training class.
I went to school in the afternoon.
My friend told me that our teacher didn't appear this morning.
It seems that he will start next week. Lucky me!

The package from my family made its way this afternoon safely.
When I staied at home by chance, I heard the doorbell.
After I singed on the confrmation,
I received my package from delivery man.

The box contained clothes, books for study and presents for Theo and Pieter.
And Japanese foods of Grandma's choice.

Pieter invited me to dinner tonight.
It was perfect timing I had gotton a present for him.

Germany Dinner

Rei invited me for dinner, though we've just met today, actually.
The main dishes were Wurst(sausage) and Sauerkraut(sour cabbage)
which Rei bought in Germany last week.

We enjoyed drinking while eating raw salmon.
It's just that pedaling home after 1 sobered me up.

05 September, 2007


Today I tried to cook a rice with a pan,
and it was my first time.
In Japan, we use a rice cooker, but I don't have it here.
Due to the how-tos on Internet it went well finally.

04 September, 2007

cash card

I attended the orientation for new students by Cornelis.
According to him, group lessons will start in the week of Sep 24.

I don't know why, but my VISA card doesn't work to get cash from ATM now.
Though I tried around, all access denied.
The staff of Bank also said "I don't know why".
Got me stumped.

01 September, 2007


Theo and I went to IKEA in Delft to buy bedding's.
It was a very big store like a amusement park.