26 March, 2013

art magazine "REAR no.29" (2013)

I wrote an article for a Japanese art critic magazine, "REAR no.29"'s special issue of "about the sound" which will appear on store shelves from this week.

In addition to myself, there are four contributors:
Akiko FUJII "The Cage Effect Today", Tomoko YABUMAE "What his voice inspires - Fuyuki Yamakawa", and Hisanori GOGOTA "Between music (performance) and art (exhibition)".

This is actually the first time for me to be asked to write an article for a critical media though, I'm glad to find that mine is the opening article in this issue.

Under the title "music on the stage", I wrote about a recent trends of music (for) theater, referring to recent Japanese stages: "Dokoka Iku Fune"(Direction:Toshiro SUZUE, Music:Tomohisa HASHIMOTO), "The Restaurant of Many Orders"(Direction:Hiroshi KOIKE, Music:Toshio NAKAGAWA and Kensuke FUJII),
"Hikari no nai(Kein Licht)"(Direction:Motoi MIURA, Music:Masahiro MIWA)
and from The Netherlands,
"A.M."(Arnoud Noordegraaf: Film and Music) and Tomoko MUKAIYAMA's works.

In this no.29, "MusiCircus at Adachi Market" where I performed as the unit, SHOT, is also mentioned in the article of Ms.FUJII. And there is also a review of the stage "Mishima-ru" for which I made music.

You can find REAR in some bookstores and gallery (sorry, only in Japan). [bit.ly/wheREAR]
Also you can order through [tsubamebook.com]

"REAR no.29" (2013) 
Feature 1 - about the sound
Feature 2 - sculpture artist and works
ISBN 978-4-907210-29-8
JPY 450, A5 size, Japanese

Iseo NOSE's new book

the book I ordered has arrived. In his new book "New / Decoded Music", Iseo NOSE offers commentary on his amazing collection of records and CDs, more than 30,000. It covers Dada, Industrial, Techno, House, Drone, MUSICK(John Savage) etc.. 

12 March, 2013


On Sunday 17 March, I am having a concert of melodica trio with Makoto Nomura and Tatsuhiro Watanabe at TORIA Gallery in Tokyo. 

If you are around, please come to TORIA Gallery!
Hope to see you there.



Makoto Nomura (Melodica player, composer)
Watanabe Tatsuhiro (percussionist, composer)
Tomohisa Hashimoto (time based artist)

Sunday March 17, 2013 (Doors open at 2:30 )

at TORIA Gallery
5-8-5 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Free admission (tipping system)

Gardika Gigih Pradipta:Melodi di Kampung
Michael Parsons:Rhythmic Canon
Andrew Melvin:Carillon Sec
Hugh Nankivell:Goat Music
Noriko Nakamura : Baby Green
Kohei Kondo : Three men on an island in the south
Hikari Kiyama : The Love Suicide at Sonezaki
and more...

26 February, 2013

dance class at DBB

took the Mr.Futami(KALEIDOSCOPE)'s contemporary open class for the first time tonight, and I already feel like I'll be a regular. The good thing for me is the studio, Dance Brick Box, is very close to my house. Lucky me!

24 February, 2013

talk event about Sharing-oriented Society

Yesterday I joined the talk event "Ping-pong Dialogue - our future by sharing" in Nagoya.
Recently the number of Shared office or Shared house has been increasing in Japan. We share many things in our life through the SNSs. Sharing is just fun.

During the event we thought about the intangible asset of this new trend and also problems when you share something. For instance, about Shared house, you have to wait to use some kitchen stuff if your roommate is using. about SNS, there are something you want to make it public then your friend post it, like dating. 

During the session, we were aware that sharing is, actually, not new thing. Culture has been made by sharing. True! And the useful tools, products or information became common.

I felt 7 hours was just too short to talk this broad topic. Anyway, thanks to you all, the event gave me great satisfaction to know that at least there are so many people who are interested in shifting to a Sharing-oriented Society 
in this city, Nagoya.

27 January, 2013

Old Picture Books

I took these picture books for my son at my parents' home in Nagoya. As the blue one has a big foot in the center of facing pages, he calls it "ASHI(foot)". He likes "Give me a hug" so match, grins just by listening to the title. 
My mother has been keeping these picture-book-collection for grandchild. I feel happy to pass old books I read to the next generation. Thanks, Mom.

20 January, 2013

Ojiya after the event

went to Bio Ojiya Cafe recently opened near the Sagamiono station
after Atelier RANO's workshop yesterday. 

16 January, 2013


Time flies fast! It has been a year since we came back to Japan.

I could meet great friends there, and did many projects with artists from all over the world. Studied composition in music and dance. Performed for more than 1000 young children at nurseries and kindergartens as the MEMO artist. Worked in a special improvisation group, DaMu. Made a musical theater, Opera "Butterfly Dream". It is very special how I went to holland alone and was coming back with wife and son!

The Netherlands gave me so many things, I cannot say "I miss". Because it is already a part of me. You all I met, made me as I am. I am here in Japan with you. Thank you, my dear friends!