02 December, 2012


I enjoyed "HANJO" at Nagakute today. 

I like especially its dignified simple scenography, using low-hanging 9 mercury lights over nature objects. To show the qualitative difference between both physical and speak modes that three casts having each, it educe the essence of story symbolically, I thought. 

Looking forward to another production, "KANTAN" in the next weekend in Mie.

Dainanagekijo "KANTAN" [THE MISHIMA WORLD 2012] 
December 8th, 9th, 2012 / Mie Center for the Arts.
I made a song for them.

Check some snapshots from "KANTAN" rehearsal at the theater HERE.

04 November, 2012

Musicircus at Tokyo Adachi Market

Today I joined the John Cage's Musicircus at Adachi Market, Tokyo as a member of SHOT. It was performed by more than 300 performers, according to organizer.

SHOT are Tomohisa Hashimoto, Shiori Oshima, Yohei Hamada.

photo: Tetsuo Tanaka

09 June, 2012

"Double Dream(2010)" won the second prize at Moscow!

I'm pleased to announce that Hirakawa's "Double Dream(2010)", that I made music for, won the second prize in the International Video Art Festival «Now&After’12» at Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

モスクワ近代美術館で開催中の国際ビデオアートフェスティバル«Now&After’12»で平川祐樹氏のビデオインスタレーション"Double Dream(2010)"(音楽:橋本)が第二位を受賞しました!

Double Dream from youkihirakawa on Vimeo.
“Double Dream” is a project designed for the Aichi Triennale 2010 “Arts and Cities”.
I am creating a site-specific video installation for the Nakagawa-Canal,Nagoya,Japan.
Through my work I try to bring out the ” Genius loci” hidden in the Nakagawa-Canal.
A standstill water surface that looks like a puddle and a warehouse with a shuttered facing the canal are like a connection to this “Genius-Loci”.
These two elements create a special atmosphere that I call “Sleeping in a closed space”.
I created two characters to represent the “Genius-loci” of the Nakagawa-canal.
One of the characters is a man sleeping in a boat and the other is a woman sinking in the canal.
Each character keeps dreaming they awoke from sleep. Like in a loop.

Director: Youki Hirakawa
Cast: Arifumi Tanaka , Ayaka Okabe
Composer: Tomohisa Hashimoto
Harp: Sarah Nichols
Recorder: Maria Martinez Ayerza
Commission:Yukiko Tanaka
Double Channel Video Installation,2010,Approx 7 min.Loop,Full HD,Stereo Sound