26 February, 2008

French Toast

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We'll have a Spring Break this week.
I'm going to stay at home for my composition.
Now I'm writing for POW Ensemble consists of
electric guitar and two computers.

Today I tried French toast in a fry pan using hard French bread
I purchased the week before.
I drizzled honey on it and it was delicious.


We had a gig at TAG tonight.
Well, I think it went well.

There were many students and graduates from Art science or Sonology department.
Other performances were so noisy that I didn't like so much,
but I had a good time talking and drinking.

24 February, 2008

performance tomorrow

We had a rehearsal at Pieter's house for our performance tomorrow.
Melodica Quartet will appear in the event, titled "goodbye peggy" at <>TAG.
(Unfortunately, we will be "trio" missing Sander this time.)
We will play with Pieter. See you there!

"Goodbye Peggy"
date: Monday 25 February
doors: 20:30
first act: 21:00
location: <>TAG Den Haag



I've been spent most of the day studing English today.
I found a useful website which support a self study English.
It says that their applications are based on brain science,
and it helps learners to memorize.
Additionally, they also offer a kind of community
so that users will be encouraged each other.

If you are interested in this, you can try it at:

The title is "iKnow!", but I don't know if you like it...