18 March, 2009

Flyers Distributed

Our flyers for LIFE AREA are printed out today.
As soon as I got them, I distributed to places like the museums in the Hague area.
You can find the flyers at some places shown below.

Nakayama International
Weimarstraat 40-56, 2562 GZ Den Haag
Web: www.nakayama.nl

Theater De Regentes
Weimarstraat 63, 2562 GR Den Haag

Goedman ; art supply store
Prins Hendrikstraat 51, 2518 JA Den Haag

Savanna ; cafe restaurant
Prins Hendrikplein 10, 2518 JB Den Haag

Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands
Tobias Asserlaan 2, 2517KC, Den Haag

Museum voor Communicatie
Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD Den Haag

Panorama Mesdag
Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag

Stroom Den Haag
Hogewal 1-9, 2514 HA

Crunch Café
Piet Heinstraat 108a, 2518 CM

09 March, 2009

English Writing

It is still difficult for me to write an English diary, let alone make an artistic statement.
I was making a concept sheet for EARTH MOVE this afternoon.
I think there are some grammatical mistake, which I would like corrected.
Your help on correcting errors will be very much appreciated.
Therefor I put it here.

A statement of EARTH MOVE (abstract)

An artists' collective, EARTH MOVE was founded in March 2003 by Tomohisa Hashimoto (artistic director.) Based in the Japanese city of Nagoya, we have been addressing emergent art projects beyond genre, generation and region. Organising artistic team for each project flexibly so that it enables us to do many extensive and creative works in varied ways, such as performance, exhibition, video, workshop, talk event and more, without being constrained by any forms or systems.

|||| Key Message / Vision
─Across Border

EARTH MOVE explores a range of new territory for interdisciplinary arts. Through projects, we intend to challenge integrate all art form such as theater, dance, music, film, fine arts and others, and thus contribute to progress and prosperity in art climate.

When you look down the ground from the sky, you won't see any border lines , it is not the same thing on a map as you know. The land is connected to everywhere from south to north. Likewise, all arts are inherently linked to each other, even though they are categorized. The name "EARTH MOVE" was chosen to promote cross-fertilization of ideas from colleagues in divers fields as if all type of expression becomes one earth which creates a big movement in collaboration.

|||| Mission

Living in the 21st century, the explosive expansion of the possibilities we acquired have enabled us to edit the information dramatically beyond time and geographic distances. Meanwhile, there has been a ambivalent phenomenon that progressed personalization or differentiation reduce your chances of getting unknown source. Likewise, the speciality of each field is getting complicated these days, although increasing number of the crossing realm trial,
there are not very many production which are mutually concerned with the creative process itself.

Even if it has a variety, it would not be creative if it is a divided community. We place emphasis on the enhanced interaction instead of efficiency and productivity, searching for a dialogue within the different art forms in order to open a window on others' technologies or philosophies. This is a sort of time-consuming research, but we take this way, whatever the destination. Because this is the roll of EARTH MOVE, making repeated experiments and discussions, we continue the aggressive attitude toward the integration.

Generation is also a border we strive to traverse. However the previous cultural movements have just occurred in one generation, given our time changing quality of society, we think it is necessary to consciously build a intergenerational ties. EARTH MOVE incorporate the latest intelligence, technology and thoughts into our projects as well as pioneer emerging contemporary works with all of the traditional advantages of skills and culture. Gained the participation and cooperation of all generations, we produces a work that speak to the heart or bring intellectual joy.

Artistic Director, Tomohisa Hashimoto

06 March, 2009

Appreciate Every day

I've got a good news from Naomi.
She will perform my piece, "Death and Mirror" again in US next month.
This made me very happy.

I went to Mieke's house again.
I spent whole afternoon making a vocal score of the piece for ER.
I have to complete this step in a few days. *sigh*.

And in the evening, I had a guest at my house.
We ate dinner together for the first time in a long while.
It was nice evening to update each other and talk about the ordinary and future things.

When I think about the employment issues happens on temporary workers in Japan,
I can't help but feel that I'm fortunate.

english articles on Hakenmura

05 March, 2009

Borrow the Piano

I visited to the house of Johan and Mieke this afternoon.
We met last December at a concert by chance.

At that time, Johan told me about the piano they have.
His father was a piano teacher in KC a long time ago.
It has not been used since his father passed away.
He said I can use their piano if I like.

We, students can use piano at school of course,
but you have to wait a room and it takes much time.
That's why I visited them to borrow the piano today.
Which helped me to make a music.
I left for school at a quarter to 3 for my lesson with Yannis.

In the lesson, we talked about the RAIN and a new piece for Ensemble Royal.
After the lesson, I had been composing until half past ten at school.
The deadline is approaching.

02 March, 2009

Went up in smoke

I'm disappointed.

I was editing music last night because my friend asked me to put them together
for her dance project last Wednesday.
I haven't had a time to do that until yesterday, and I thought it was the last day I can use for this.
So I concentrated on making track for a few hours.
I've made a 6minutes music and sent it by email.

However, she called me today and told me that it is not good enough to use for improvising,
In addition, they don't have time to develop the piece for the coming stage.
Even more unfortunately, she became sick. So they decided not to perform this time finally.
Well, it's pity but I can understand their decision. I hope we can have a next time.