05 March, 2009

Borrow the Piano

I visited to the house of Johan and Mieke this afternoon.
We met last December at a concert by chance.

At that time, Johan told me about the piano they have.
His father was a piano teacher in KC a long time ago.
It has not been used since his father passed away.
He said I can use their piano if I like.

We, students can use piano at school of course,
but you have to wait a room and it takes much time.
That's why I visited them to borrow the piano today.
Which helped me to make a music.
I left for school at a quarter to 3 for my lesson with Yannis.

In the lesson, we talked about the RAIN and a new piece for Ensemble Royal.
After the lesson, I had been composing until half past ten at school.
The deadline is approaching.

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