31 August, 2007


These days I'm doing different things in each day.
Only a cycle of the sun and the moon makes a rhythm for me.
I'm little tired.

While you are listening a rhythm,
you may be able to feel comfortable
If you can't get the rhythm,
it cause tension to you and makes you tired.

I'm feeling again that
repeats is important things
just like the same motif in a music,
which works as a charm point to the audience.

26 August, 2007

the Swingin' Crash

I went to the concert by the Swingin' Crash with Theo.
Established in 1985, the Swingin' Crash is the Big Band
which his brother, Josh has played for as bass player.
I enjoyed myself.

21 August, 2007

the Embassy of Japan

I went to the Embassy of Japan again this morning.
Though I thought I could speak in Japanese there,
I heard an English voice through the intercom,
so it put me in a flutter.

There was a walk-through gate in the entrance.
Office staff was Japanese, so I was able to do everything all right.
They told me that applying procedures with IND changed from this August.
According to them, international students have to check the website of IND
and download a application form, and then,
fill out it and send with necessary documentation.
Wow, I didn't know such information!

20 August, 2007

First Day in Den Haag

As soon as I arrive the room,
I succeeded in connecting to the Internet.
So I e-mailed to Yuki, the primary tenant of this room.

I went to the Embassy of Japan by yuki's bicycle.
I failed to applying for verification because it's a time after office hours.
However, I found where it is.

Then I went to the VVV(visitors information center) to ask
where I can buy prepaid cell-phone.
Then I bought a cell-phone at a shop near the VVV.

The clerk changed to English mode for me,
but I didn't know how to use.
In addition, the manual is written in Dutch.
You can download an English manual through the Internet.
It's hard for me to living here.

When I was eating a hamburger, it began to rain.
Fortunately, I was having a raincoat, I didn't get wet.
I've heard that raincoats are must for changeable weather in the Netherlands.

I also went to the Conservatoire,
but they have already closed the door at that time.

Yuki informed me that she had received a consent from her older friend in Dutch,
I called him and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.


I've just arrived in the Netherlands.
When I came to Europe last year, the package hasn't arrived.
So I was relieved to see my baggage's coming to conveyor belt this time.

It takes about 30 minutes from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Den Haag.
I came to the Netherlands for the third time, which makes me feel more comfortable.

I'm going to reside temporarily in an apartment near the station.
My friend kindly lent me during return home.

19 August, 2007

Hong Kong

I'm waiting for my flight to the Netherlands at the Hong Kong International Airport.
Because it's just 5 hours dropping I didn't change yen to dollars,
so I can't buy anything.
But I can access the Internet free here.
I see no problem. :-)

the Day of Departure

Worked through the night until 8:00 this morning for the video commissioned.
It's hard to believe.
I mean, today is the day for my departure!

Thanks to the marvelous helping of my family,
I was able to finish packing my suitcase.

17 August, 2007


Today my friends arranged a goodbye party for me at the Japanese restaurant.
They gave me a Japanese fan which signed with some messages on it as a going-away gift.
I've enjoyed very much. Thank you everyone from my heart!