10 October, 2007

Dutch lesson

Received the Dutch lesson from Theo in the evening.
Learned about number and how to introduce.

Ik ben Tomo. Ik kom uit Japan.
Ik woon nu in Nederland. :-)

09 October, 2007

Tuesday workshop

We had a first meeting for the workshop for composition student.
The workshop is a class which doing some experimental improvisation,
arrange for our strange ensemble, conduct a piece you wrote
and play them ourselves!
We will start a session next week.
I'm quite looking forward to do that.

03 October, 2007

Sushi Rolls

Yota and Akane are my good friends.
They invited me to the home party.
We made some Temaki-zushi, do-it-yourself sushi rolls.
It was fun.

02 October, 2007

Bank Account

Today I went to the office of postbank.
It's said that if you want to have an account,
you need your passport, Sofi number and a certificate of residence.
Oh, I've heard about that from Theo.

So I went to the city hall of the Hague.
"Excuse me. I need a certif.."
"Nee. We are closed."
Hey man, I guess I came too late for applying.

Then I went to the tax office across from the HS station.
"Do you have the ID card or something?"
"I have only this one."
--Show the sticker that I got last week from IND.
It goes to show that I'm applying for the residence permit.

After She checked it for a brief while,
"Nee, you can't. You have to wait"
Oh no, it's not my day!

There is a long way to go before I open a new account at a bank.