02 October, 2007

Bank Account

Today I went to the office of postbank.
It's said that if you want to have an account,
you need your passport, Sofi number and a certificate of residence.
Oh, I've heard about that from Theo.

So I went to the city hall of the Hague.
"Excuse me. I need a certif.."
"Nee. We are closed."
Hey man, I guess I came too late for applying.

Then I went to the tax office across from the HS station.
"Do you have the ID card or something?"
"I have only this one."
--Show the sticker that I got last week from IND.
It goes to show that I'm applying for the residence permit.

After She checked it for a brief while,
"Nee, you can't. You have to wait"
Oh no, it's not my day!

There is a long way to go before I open a new account at a bank.

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