27 November, 2008


I don't take any class on Thursday, so I stayed at home and working for the arrangement of "O Holy Night". I had also to arrange my trip to Rome today. I ordered my flight ticket and hotel for the first night through the internet.
Although I checked Euroline as well as plane, it's much more expensive than take a plane.

As we planed yesterday, Ryoya came to Den Haag in the evening. After having a dinner, we went to the performance of NDT1. They had three pieces, choreographed by Kyrian, Van Manan and young Walerski tonight.
Ryoya seems to have a lucky, today's performance had a live orchestra accompany by Holland Symphony as well.

Kyrian and Van Manan's piece was old one premiered in 90's. I liked "Underneath" by Medhi Walerski better than those masters'. They showed dynamic movements in front of the big wall having a dominating presence. And a screened video in the latter half which shows swimming dancers in the water was beautiful and impressive. I thought that it represents a fleeing from oppression or something.

"PetiteMort" Netherlands Dans Theater
Lucent Danstheater

26 November, 2008

Act or Natural?

I went to Amsterdam to see the dance performance "Borrowed Landscape" choreographed by Anouk van Dijk
at Frascati.
In this theater, I met Ryoya, Japanese stage designer by chance.
He spoke to me at the foyer when I was waiting for the performance because he thought I must be a Japanese.
This type of things happens often since I came to Europe.
As soon as we talk, we found ourselves as kindred spirits.

The performance was too long to enjoy.
However, Ryota and I both found that one moment was very interesting.
That was almost the end, performers released the tension and the lighting turned back to normal.
We felt a bit of confusion about whether the show ended up or not.
That's when one of the audience went away stealthily.
Anyway it turned out it was just the middle of piece,
but the movement of that figure skipped out was looked so special for us.
It was the perfect realistic situation, so to say.
Maybe it happened by pure chance. Still, it tickled my heart.

We made an appointment to meet again in Den Haag tomorrow.

"Borrowed Landscape" Frascati

Fund Raise

I spent the whole afternoon to get money to go De Musica 2008.

Jeremiah and I are going to take the electronics music course in Rome.
Yesterday our teacher told us that the composition department has
budget only for the master student not for us.
And he suggested us get in touch with Wouter Turkenburg, head of the Jazz department
who is in charge of school fund.

Thus J and I visited his office at noon.Unfortunately, he wasn't there that time.
We tried again later. We met him finally, and he told us that the student fund would fit for us.
Then we called to Italy, visited to the administration, made a document for the application.
Thanks to the J's aggressiveness, everything went well so far.

25 November, 2008

Book Shelf

In the evening, I dropped by the Erik's house to buy his book shelf at second-hand. He is going to move soon, so he put it on sale for colleagues. And I'm intrested in it.
I felt that this book shelf was good size with my room and looks good, so I took it.
Good thing is we are living very close, my place is just a few-minute walk. He helped me to bring this to my place.

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24 November, 2008

Busy Monday

I'm doing an arrangement of "O Holy Night" commissioned by Miwako. It will be performed in a charity concert next month by the flute, piano and strings trio. Although I brought it to the lesson with Yannis, we mainly discussed about the project of Ensemble Royal.

Lately, I bought the book,"Acting Out" by Bernard Stiegler. I'm looking a text for the piece since this ensemble including one mezzo soprano. And his quotes would be the one. I will make this in a passacaglia form.

Johan lectured on "poly~" patch. He showed us how to make a kind of vocoder with Max/MSP. Then he made a Phase modulation synthesise as typified by Yamaha DX7. This was very useful information for me.

In the Studium General, Vocal project was the first topic. Singer wants to sing rather than speak. Good relationship with player brings about success to your piece. After this, Robert had a presentation on his piece for solo violin. Although he's using proportional notation in this piece, due to the changing tempo even within one second, it is very difficult to perform truthfully. It was an interesting discussion. Maybe I should add that the performance recorded was very good.

23 November, 2008


The hail changed to snow.

I was seeing snow scape through the window in a daze for a few seconds.

I didn't want to go out, though, the refrigerator was empty.

So I went to shopping to buy something to eat.

That was the only time I go out this weekend.

22 November, 2008


Hail to you! I have not written a blog for a while.

When I made a skype call to Japan it was still cloudy. Yesterday's forecast said it was going to rain, but it started to hail after I finish the call. Although It's not cold inside the room thanks to the central heating system, it's getting really cold outside. I didn't go out today in order to take care not to catch a cold.

I have reviewed Paul Berg's lesson at home. "1/f noise" in music was the topic. Mandelbrot, Richard Voss and John Clarke were on our summary. Paul showed us some example based on the stochastic algorithm with AC Toolbox, which was realisations of the method of Charles Dodge or Xenakis.