26 November, 2008

Act or Natural?

I went to Amsterdam to see the dance performance "Borrowed Landscape" choreographed by Anouk van Dijk
at Frascati.
In this theater, I met Ryoya, Japanese stage designer by chance.
He spoke to me at the foyer when I was waiting for the performance because he thought I must be a Japanese.
This type of things happens often since I came to Europe.
As soon as we talk, we found ourselves as kindred spirits.

The performance was too long to enjoy.
However, Ryota and I both found that one moment was very interesting.
That was almost the end, performers released the tension and the lighting turned back to normal.
We felt a bit of confusion about whether the show ended up or not.
That's when one of the audience went away stealthily.
Anyway it turned out it was just the middle of piece,
but the movement of that figure skipped out was looked so special for us.
It was the perfect realistic situation, so to say.
Maybe it happened by pure chance. Still, it tickled my heart.

We made an appointment to meet again in Den Haag tomorrow.

"Borrowed Landscape" Frascati

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