24 November, 2008

Busy Monday

I'm doing an arrangement of "O Holy Night" commissioned by Miwako. It will be performed in a charity concert next month by the flute, piano and strings trio. Although I brought it to the lesson with Yannis, we mainly discussed about the project of Ensemble Royal.

Lately, I bought the book,"Acting Out" by Bernard Stiegler. I'm looking a text for the piece since this ensemble including one mezzo soprano. And his quotes would be the one. I will make this in a passacaglia form.

Johan lectured on "poly~" patch. He showed us how to make a kind of vocoder with Max/MSP. Then he made a Phase modulation synthesise as typified by Yamaha DX7. This was very useful information for me.

In the Studium General, Vocal project was the first topic. Singer wants to sing rather than speak. Good relationship with player brings about success to your piece. After this, Robert had a presentation on his piece for solo violin. Although he's using proportional notation in this piece, due to the changing tempo even within one second, it is very difficult to perform truthfully. It was an interesting discussion. Maybe I should add that the performance recorded was very good.

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