30 March, 2011

DaMuImpro - session 02

Last night I went the second session of DaMuImpro(Dance &Music Improvisation). The activities of our group are derived from the two-weeks intensive workshop with Michael Schumacher and Mary Oliver few weeks ago. That was a part of school project. Later, some interested members decided to continue to work regularly. The feature of our activity could be described in three keywords: interactive, space oriented, bi-logical structure.

In the first session, focused on the awareness of how one's body moves through space, we did a walking exercise along with invisible lines. As the initial setting, participants stand on one side in a raw. With the imaginary parallel lines in the space, each person walk toward the other side. This was intended to simplify the walking exercise which we did in the intensive workshop. Everybody chose own timing to start or stop walking, though, still sometime synchronised events occur. One can play with levels; stand on tiptoe, squat etc.. Then, a version of exercise could be tried with making sound while you walk.

This time, after a 10min free impro and the same walking exercise, we did some free sessions in a manner of "Domino", a sort of game, which has a simple rule for the structure. The first one starts to play motivated by analysis of space around, then the second player enters with the idea or motif what the first one has been doing. This duo continues till the third one come into the space. In that way, the first player replaced by the third.

Then we tried to introduce an eight "unlimited" shape to the walking exercise, developing the concept of physicality in space. It is difficult to feel the whole thing happens around, however we need to find a way to control the information. Sometime just focusing on the person close to you. Sometime stop and wait until you can have a long distance point of view. We discussed how should we proceed our training. It would be very important to balance technique and intuition in each exercise. It's easy to work on just one subject, though, we need to improve our abilities to manage multitask.

I like the mood of this group. We talk a lot, are creative and supportive for each other. The fact that two performances are already planned in April activates our interests and drives our artistry and group dynamics.  We decided to have regular session on every Wednesday from 20:00 at Royal Conservatory The Hague. If you want to join in our activities, you are welcome to see if it's inspiring for you. (I believe it is.)

For those who are interested in just watching our performance, we will take part in the project called MASH-UP on 13th April from 16:00 to 18:00, in the library and exhibition space in KABK. Entrance is free. Be there, or be square.

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) | KABK

"Pulse" on TV, "Death and Mirror" on Stage

Two good news.

First, I'm pleased to announce the broadcast of "Pulse(2009)" on a cable TV.

Since 15th March, you can see the video piece "Pulse" (Video:Youki Hirakawa, Music:Tomohisa Hashimoto) through the cable TV called "Souvenirs from Earth" everyday in France and Germany.

Please see the link for more information.

Second, my piece, "Death and Mirror"(2007) was performed in Zaragoza, Spain last week! I couldn't go the concert. So, please let me know how it went if you were there.

Thu 24th March, 2011 19:00-
Venue: Salón de Actos CAI. Paseo Independencia 10, Zaragoza.
Musicians: Naomi Sato (Sho, Saxophone), Luís Tabuenca(Percussion)

To see the flyer(PDF), please visit to: http://scr.bi/faGYQo

"Play for Japan"を手伝って感じた事

 先週26日土曜日にハーグで行われたチャリティーコンサート"Play for Japan"ではビラ配りや広報や当日のステージマネージなど、できる範囲で協力をさせていただくことができた。

700人以上の来場で、 13,140.53 13,340.53 (4/1修正。募金が追加されたためとのこと。) Euroの義援金が集まったことは大きな成功。中心になって準備してくださった歌手の夏山さんや、演奏者の方々、受付などの運営を手伝ってくださった日本 人ボランティアのグループなど大勢の力と思いがあったからこそだと思う。


ミャンマーで24日に発生した地震からまもなく一週間。東北の地震から約20日。どちらもだんだんと被害の実態が報道され、 被災した方を思うと胸が痛む。コンサートで司会者が津波の被害にあった日本人からのメールを紹介した。東北地方は地震も多く、その方は耐震のための工事をしたばかりの家に住んでいたそう。津波がなければ、地震には持ちこたえていただろう。ミャンマーでの震災写真を見ていると構造的に弱そうな木造の家の倒壊が確認できる。ミャンマーもサイクロンや地震など自然災害を経験しているところだが、防災に対する準備というのは経済的な支援がないとなかなか進みにくいものなのかもしれない。長期的な復興にかかる金額は大きい。コンサートでの義援金の額はもちろん大切だが、それ以上に、関心を広げたり、精神的な安らぎをもたらす事も大きな役割のように感じる。



22 March, 2011

春の光 In the serene sunshine

Photo: I took in front of my house on last Saturday.

It was an unusual super fine day for the Netherlands. So I went for a short afternoon walk to Vredespaleis (Peace Place).

I put some pictures which I took there to twipic. flower garden

In the evening, we could see also the big and bright moon in the clear sky called "super moon".

It was the vernal equinox yesterday, holiday in Japan. From the next week, the summer time will start. The daytime is getting longer.




夜には大きな満月「スーパームーン(Super Moon」も綺麗に見る事ができました。本当に明るかった!!


20 March, 2011

情報と体験 -「私たち」の震災として As Our Disaster



11日の東日本大震災の発生以来、ニュースにかじりついていた。ツイッターでは最初の頃から@itokenstein さんが細かい分析を交えて情報を書かれていたのがとても参考になった。彼をはじめ、フォローしている人たちのおかげで、ツイッターから有益なリンクや情報をいち早く手に入れる事ができた。ustreamでNHKやTBSの速報や会見も見られたのもありがたかった。






12 March, 2011

震災/即興: earthquake _ Workshop final day





これまでバレエ科のスタジオを使って行って来た即興セッションを、パブリックスペースで行うというのが最終日のミッション。1時頃から2時頃まで約一時間に渡って学校のホワイエでパフォーマンスを行った。いわゆるflash mobと呼ばれるもの。ただし、何の打ち合わせも決まった振付もシーン構成もなく、完全に全員で即興。丁度Kees van Baarenzaalではビッグバンドのコンサートが行われていたり、学校に練習に来た生徒たちなども周りに座ったり立ち話をしていた。




僕たちがこの数日フォーカスした「繊細な知覚sensitive perception」

01 March, 2011

Dance Workshop with Michael Schumacher: day1

The Dance and Music Improvisation Project has started today at school. I'm attending as a dancer for whole . This two weeks workshop is lead by Michael Schumacher and Mary Oliver. Everyday, from Monday to Friday, we will start at 13:00 and finish at 16:00. Yes, we'll have plenty of time.

I've joined a warm-up at the barre in the Ballet Studio. It was for me the first time to do it, actually. I was just following person next to me. Then we had a short meeting with other students from music department.

After meeting, dance and music team were separated. We sit in a circle. Referring the difference from normal Ballet class, Michael started to explain what he's expecting from us, how we should contribute to the group. That is to understand everybody has a different aesthetic from other.

Questions. What is improvisation for you? Did you improvise today? Body is our instrument. How do we feel around? Smell, Taste, Touch, See, Listen. Sensitive Perception. awareness. memory. Today we talked a lot indeed.

He gave some tasks. We traced the space as if we became an insane detective. We tried to "travel" to outside of the building with our extended senses. We played with all the information in studio.

To finish the first day, he introduced the concept which W.Forsythe developed. And we tried to move with this idea, read the floor as a score, use a shape of letter and object, or analyzed others' movement. For me, and I guess also for others, this  part was the most exciting part in terms of physical joyfulness.

What's next, tomorrow?