30 March, 2011

DaMuImpro - session 02

Last night I went the second session of DaMuImpro(Dance &Music Improvisation). The activities of our group are derived from the two-weeks intensive workshop with Michael Schumacher and Mary Oliver few weeks ago. That was a part of school project. Later, some interested members decided to continue to work regularly. The feature of our activity could be described in three keywords: interactive, space oriented, bi-logical structure.

In the first session, focused on the awareness of how one's body moves through space, we did a walking exercise along with invisible lines. As the initial setting, participants stand on one side in a raw. With the imaginary parallel lines in the space, each person walk toward the other side. This was intended to simplify the walking exercise which we did in the intensive workshop. Everybody chose own timing to start or stop walking, though, still sometime synchronised events occur. One can play with levels; stand on tiptoe, squat etc.. Then, a version of exercise could be tried with making sound while you walk.

This time, after a 10min free impro and the same walking exercise, we did some free sessions in a manner of "Domino", a sort of game, which has a simple rule for the structure. The first one starts to play motivated by analysis of space around, then the second player enters with the idea or motif what the first one has been doing. This duo continues till the third one come into the space. In that way, the first player replaced by the third.

Then we tried to introduce an eight "unlimited" shape to the walking exercise, developing the concept of physicality in space. It is difficult to feel the whole thing happens around, however we need to find a way to control the information. Sometime just focusing on the person close to you. Sometime stop and wait until you can have a long distance point of view. We discussed how should we proceed our training. It would be very important to balance technique and intuition in each exercise. It's easy to work on just one subject, though, we need to improve our abilities to manage multitask.

I like the mood of this group. We talk a lot, are creative and supportive for each other. The fact that two performances are already planned in April activates our interests and drives our artistry and group dynamics.  We decided to have regular session on every Wednesday from 20:00 at Royal Conservatory The Hague. If you want to join in our activities, you are welcome to see if it's inspiring for you. (I believe it is.)

For those who are interested in just watching our performance, we will take part in the project called MASH-UP on 13th April from 16:00 to 18:00, in the library and exhibition space in KABK. Entrance is free. Be there, or be square.

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) | KABK

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