21 December, 2009

Return Home

I've returned home in Nagoya today. I spent in Tokyo last week. This is the first time in one and half year.

Grandmother, Mitsue was waiting at the entrance. I was surprised at a pile of books in Father's study room. (There is lesser space on the floor you can see..) My big sister, Kazuna who recovered from flu got home just after me arriving.
Then I went walk the dog, Cookie who almost forgot me. Bought a bouquet near the station for my mother's birthday.

When Yumi, my mother had come home back, she was pleased with it, complaining that nobody celebrated yesterday.
After Yoshihiro, my father arrived at home, we started to talk how the life going, eating Oden for dinner.

We watched the DVD of the wedding of Osamu, my cousin. He was looked very nice in a white tuxedo. The bride with a happy face. I couldn't be there, though it's edited so well that I felt as if I saw whole the party.

19 December, 2009









「闘う人」としてのレヴィ=ストロースの印象。「最初のコミュニスト」と呼んだバブーフ、そして社会主義への熱中。マルクスとフロイトと共に彼にとって重要。ブラジルに渡った1935年というタイミングの意味。財産がコミュニケーションの障害物になるという発想とのつながりから(ルソーの解説に関連して)、神話分析においてコミュニケーションの透明性(媒介があるか、ショートサーキットか)というのは大事なポイントになっている。そのドン・キホーテ的な知の探求は、スタティックなものとしてのただの構造主義ではなく、「自然から文化へ」に対する「文化から自然へ」という逆の方向性が複合的に働いていた動的な思考としての理解がもっとされていいのではないか。詩学の深淵。親族の基本構造における、語り尽くせぬものが神話論理という方向へと引き受けられていったのではないか。その制限は職に就くという現実的な要請も影響。レヴィ=ストロースもさることながら渡辺氏の危ういものに対する関心を「あとがき」に感じる。(by中沢) フランス人のスカトロジー。etc...

10 October, 2009

Blind Date #1

I went to the Theater Zeebelt to see a play, "Alleen in je wereld" by Sarah Moeremans. Casts spoke in Dutch, so I couldn't understand the details, however, (rather that's why) I was able to pay attention more to the structure of script. It left such an impression that the writer is concerning about how to bring a different combination of casts, switching their talk-modes from one to another.

Niels invites his colleagues, but his house happened to be without power. They try to enjoy, talking and even singing. After all they end up wearing only their underwear. Moeremans revealed a diplomatic communication in social life. Because of the language, I couldn't laugh at every point when others did. Even so, I found myself somehow enjoying for 80 minutes without getting bored.

Blind Date is the series that featuring new theater maker. More infomation at

06 October, 2009

Give and Take, English and Dutch

Had a Dutch lesson with Theo. I did les 7 en 8. As I need to know words for body, we made a illustration with the name of parts. Now I have to learn it by heart. After the lesson, we went to the shop to bring the mattress. Not bad.

Talked with Youki about our project through skype. I will make a new sound for the last scene. He will send the latest version as soon as he edited. I received some sample from field recording.

Gave a piano lesson at D's house. My friend asked me to take care her student in October, due to her absence. D is 7 years old. It was the first time for me to teach music in English. Because of that, I was bit nervous. But it was easier than I thought.

Attended a dance class by Marieke at Danslab in the evening. The teacher spoke in Dutch, so it was difficult to understand immediately. However, it's a dance, I was able to follow the lesson by watching. I'm going to take this class weekly.

What's can be a spectacle?

Croissant, Cheese, Kiwi and Tea for breakfast. Lovely time.

Went to Rotterdam to have a meeting with a coordinator of Rotterdamse Dans Academie. Understanding and support of both KonCon and RDA, I'll be able to take some course from RDA. They allow me not only to use their library, but also to observe some workshops for choreograph students. And Joan, my teacher at Exnunc let me take her dance class on Friday there as well.

After turned back to the Hague, I dropped by Kringloop Holland in fruitweg. Bought a bed-sized mattress for 10 euro and 4 old clothes for 6 euro. Yes!

I encountered the flooded road on my way back home. It seemed like the water pipe in underground exploded.

Got a bite to eat at home, then left for the school for the lesson with Gilius. I showed the second edition of movie which Youki sent me a few days ago. As soon as I receive the rest of sound data, I'll do the final edit this week.

My colleague, Jeremiah had a concert, the first "Opera" as he explained, at Het Nutshuis in the evening. It took place in the entrance hall where I had the installation, LIFE AREA in last March. The performance gave me a big question; what's the concept? It was like this...

Brass choir were sitting on chairs along the walls. Grand piano on the left side. A small tent covered by black clothes was settled on the right side. All musicians listened to the guide through the mp3 player.

Atonal codes by Piano were followed by breathing sound by Brass choir. The Monochord player started by the piano and moved to the other side. The creaking sound was very impressive. Brass choir started to drink a bottle of beer.
A naked woman who tied her hands up, was dragged out from the tent toward the piano. Male and female choir waiting at the first floor started to sing. Composer appeared on the grand floor and dragged a dead mouse.

Two assistant brought foam cartons. It turned out there is a dead kid goat inside. Composer took a head of it and put it on the carbon dioxide gas cylinder. It sounded so loud that some audience covered their ears. After solo of Monochord, another man hold a gun in his mouth appeared and sang through gun with Monochord.

Is this sensational? Hummmmmm.. What can I say..

02 October, 2009

Step By Step

As I'm working for the video installation, "pulse" by Youki Hirakawa, I sent a set of sound samples to him today. His first impression seemed to be good.

In the afternoon, I met a friend of mine, YK. She addresses the human rights issue; trafficking in children and women in Southeast Asia. I returned the DVDs she lent me last time. Those movie were made in order to explain about child labor in India. The children from The Bornfree Art School International took cameras and sneak into their workshop. It is difficult to shoot children working in that kinds of place, so this DVDs are the scarcity value in that sence.

We talked about the artistry of children, education, biased information and common sense, how to appeal to people who lack of interest. I don't want to make art a tool for politics, though, I believe artists might be able to act as a good mediator who build a place where different people could come together and share their thought.

30 July, 2009

How many mugs do you really need?

After cleaning up my apartment last week, we decided to get rid of mugs and plates. Having a full cardboard-box of mugs is obviously too much. Almost all was from the former roommate actually. We chose as much as we needed, and I brought the rest to a second hand shop in the afternoon. I was expecting that they pay me a bit, but in fact, they didn't. Well, instead of money, we got a space in our cupboard.

Then I visited a friend of mine. We talked about the difference between things you want to do and things someone expects you to do, and making music as job or hobby.

I believe that the best way to create something is just doing what you believe the best. As media is dramatically changing and the way of listening is diversifying in general, it will become easier to find one's own favorite music. So, "Do it as you like" is the most effective attitude to create, I think. Then if you are good enough to work as a professional, people wouldn't miss you and you might become a professional. Otherwise you are not made for that. That's all.

Haruki Murakami made the speech when he got the Jerusalem Prize, "I will always stand on the side of the egg." I support this as an artist. I regard egg as pride, amour-propre in French. And Bernard Stiegler addressed the importance of self-affirmation in his lecture. ("To love, to love me, to love us: from September 11 to April 21") At a period of anxiety, we ought to love ourselves more.

Additionally, the more you know history and what others are doing, the more possibilities you might be able to work as a professional would come up. These information or knowledge, in time and space axis, are a sort of map for life.  And you would be able to have confidence in yourself with this map. Having a broad perspective makes you modest. It never ends up underestimation. Make it simple just as you like.

SERORI (celery) by Masayoshi Yamazaki

29 July, 2009


Following the passing of Pina Baush, founder of Tanztheater on 30th of June, Merce Cunningham, innovator of modern dance, has died on 26th July.

It was the video piece by Nam June Paik when I saw him dancing for the first time. I'm not sure that was at Yokohama Museum of Art or The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, though. After reading a book by RoseLee Goldberg freshman year in the university (so at least after 2002), I had just known his activity from concept rather than watching his works. He refused to interpret music and abandoned conventional storytelling. Instead, he used chance, working with John Cage, an influential composer.

As I receive the news, I'm Very belatedly watching some pieces on YouTube during the past few days. He was always looking for something new. To keep changing is not easy, but that is for artists the most important matter, being free.

Rest in peace, the Dance Giant.
Or, do you want to dance still there?

Merce Cunningham remembered
Pina Bausch dies at 68; innovative German choreographer

Merce Cunningham: Talking Dance
An Interview with Merce Cunningham and John Cage

"café muller" Pina Bausch
"Le Sacre du Printemps" Pina Bausch

27 July, 2009

Asian to Europe

I was working for the documentation of our project, LIFE AREA in the afternoon. We made a draft in Japanese few weeks ago. Now we are writing it in English. In this paper, we explain how we made sound for this installation from concept to realization.

I think this way is better than just starting with English. First, it's easier to output in Japanese for us. Second, when we translate, we have to be logical more than thinking in Japanese. So the sentences will get sophisticated. Yes, I know that we need someone to check grammar, though.

I ate dinner with my roommate tonight. We cooked chicken and vegetables with boemboe, Indonesia liquid herb-and-spice mixes. After let it all simmer, we served it with Mie, Indonesian noodle. It was tasty. We will do this again.

I'm going out to work at the Asian restaurant. Today is the first day. I'll wash all dishes in the kitchen. It is hard to survive especially for non-Dutch speaker. But life is FUN!

26 July, 2009

Meal in the Garden

Having a meal with Jack and Laura.

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Since last June, I've been involved in the educational project, Watch That Sound (WTS), to arrange it into Japanese. We have already done a try out at the Rotterdam Japanese School on 25th June with children studying there.

We are addressing to expand this activity toward Japan and Germany now. The leader, Jacques and sound technician, Jasper made a working visit to Tokyo mainly for the first workshop in Yokohama on 18th July. After a successful trip, Jack got back to Rotterdam and invited me to his house on last Wednesday.

Showing pictures on iPod, he told me almost everything which he had in Japan. A show by d.v.d, "meal ticket method" and of course the workshop at Piccolino Kindergarten. They met a lot of interesting people such as educator, musician, producer of film festival just in a ten days. They are hard workers. Good news is they have chosen Kôji to make the movie for the Dutch children. The workshop worked out well, so they have reached quite some goals.

We talked about strategy for the future. Idea with dancers, foundation, Camera Japan and story board for the new film. Then I explained about music education in Japan and Japanese traditional instruments etc. It was a pretty good evening.


Today I got started with designing the website for Company N. First, I wrote the site map down. Then I made a sample of banner and sent it to the manager. I hope they like it.

25 July, 2009

Just to Live

I watched a Japanese TV program on YouTube.
deaf-blind Satoshi Fukushima return to his elementary school
to give a special lecture. This is must-see if you understand Jp.
“All I want to tell them is just to live”Fukushima said.

NHK TV program "Tell Us about Your Life"
(Kagaijugyo - Yokoso Senpai) (in Japanese)

This program won the grand prix Japan Prize 2008

You can read an article about him at
TIME Magazine asia

24 July, 2009

Picnic to Westbroekpark

I'll start teaching the Piano. We will have the first lesson at her place tomorrow.
So today, I went to the library, Bibliotheek Den Haag to borrow some scores.
I've chosen 4 books in jazz style, 1 duet style, and classics by Schumann, Debussy and Satie.
Actually, this is the first time for me to borrow a book from them.
I hope we can find a good way to study.

In the evening, I went to the Westbroekpark with my friends. Yes, picnic!
We talked about food, culture, family and lovers.
Since we started to feel cold, we left as soon as finish eating.
Although it's July now, but climate is like autumn's one.
I hope we have more warm weather.

New facts:
"KAERU-no Uta" (Frogs' song) was German song originally,
which J told me on the way back to home. I didn't know.

15 June, 2009

The First Shoot Session

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We had the first shoot session at an old school in Amsterdam today.
I'm making a dance video in collaboration with Hans and Nadia.
We started with the idea that tracing the shape of person who lying on the floor.
Hans shot the movie from the top of ladder. It's not the best way to shoot, though, we took a some nice pictures.

After having an hour long movie, we came up with some other ideas. For instance,
you turn images upside down or make 90-degree turns. We will try these in the next time.

I found a new way to direct dancer with the voice percussion, giving instructions a bit.
In this way, you can control a tempo and accent of the movement in improvisation.
Anyway, it was a very productive day so I'm happy.

Then we went to have a drink to a riverside cafe.
It was perfect weather to sit outside and have a cup of tea. A bitter lemon for me, to be precise.

18 March, 2009

Flyers Distributed

Our flyers for LIFE AREA are printed out today.
As soon as I got them, I distributed to places like the museums in the Hague area.
You can find the flyers at some places shown below.

Nakayama International
Weimarstraat 40-56, 2562 GZ Den Haag
Web: www.nakayama.nl

Theater De Regentes
Weimarstraat 63, 2562 GR Den Haag

Goedman ; art supply store
Prins Hendrikstraat 51, 2518 JA Den Haag

Savanna ; cafe restaurant
Prins Hendrikplein 10, 2518 JB Den Haag

Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands
Tobias Asserlaan 2, 2517KC, Den Haag

Museum voor Communicatie
Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD Den Haag

Panorama Mesdag
Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag

Stroom Den Haag
Hogewal 1-9, 2514 HA

Crunch Café
Piet Heinstraat 108a, 2518 CM

09 March, 2009

English Writing

It is still difficult for me to write an English diary, let alone make an artistic statement.
I was making a concept sheet for EARTH MOVE this afternoon.
I think there are some grammatical mistake, which I would like corrected.
Your help on correcting errors will be very much appreciated.
Therefor I put it here.

A statement of EARTH MOVE (abstract)

An artists' collective, EARTH MOVE was founded in March 2003 by Tomohisa Hashimoto (artistic director.) Based in the Japanese city of Nagoya, we have been addressing emergent art projects beyond genre, generation and region. Organising artistic team for each project flexibly so that it enables us to do many extensive and creative works in varied ways, such as performance, exhibition, video, workshop, talk event and more, without being constrained by any forms or systems.

|||| Key Message / Vision
─Across Border

EARTH MOVE explores a range of new territory for interdisciplinary arts. Through projects, we intend to challenge integrate all art form such as theater, dance, music, film, fine arts and others, and thus contribute to progress and prosperity in art climate.

When you look down the ground from the sky, you won't see any border lines , it is not the same thing on a map as you know. The land is connected to everywhere from south to north. Likewise, all arts are inherently linked to each other, even though they are categorized. The name "EARTH MOVE" was chosen to promote cross-fertilization of ideas from colleagues in divers fields as if all type of expression becomes one earth which creates a big movement in collaboration.

|||| Mission

Living in the 21st century, the explosive expansion of the possibilities we acquired have enabled us to edit the information dramatically beyond time and geographic distances. Meanwhile, there has been a ambivalent phenomenon that progressed personalization or differentiation reduce your chances of getting unknown source. Likewise, the speciality of each field is getting complicated these days, although increasing number of the crossing realm trial,
there are not very many production which are mutually concerned with the creative process itself.

Even if it has a variety, it would not be creative if it is a divided community. We place emphasis on the enhanced interaction instead of efficiency and productivity, searching for a dialogue within the different art forms in order to open a window on others' technologies or philosophies. This is a sort of time-consuming research, but we take this way, whatever the destination. Because this is the roll of EARTH MOVE, making repeated experiments and discussions, we continue the aggressive attitude toward the integration.

Generation is also a border we strive to traverse. However the previous cultural movements have just occurred in one generation, given our time changing quality of society, we think it is necessary to consciously build a intergenerational ties. EARTH MOVE incorporate the latest intelligence, technology and thoughts into our projects as well as pioneer emerging contemporary works with all of the traditional advantages of skills and culture. Gained the participation and cooperation of all generations, we produces a work that speak to the heart or bring intellectual joy.

Artistic Director, Tomohisa Hashimoto

06 March, 2009

Appreciate Every day

I've got a good news from Naomi.
She will perform my piece, "Death and Mirror" again in US next month.
This made me very happy.

I went to Mieke's house again.
I spent whole afternoon making a vocal score of the piece for ER.
I have to complete this step in a few days. *sigh*.

And in the evening, I had a guest at my house.
We ate dinner together for the first time in a long while.
It was nice evening to update each other and talk about the ordinary and future things.

When I think about the employment issues happens on temporary workers in Japan,
I can't help but feel that I'm fortunate.

english articles on Hakenmura

05 March, 2009

Borrow the Piano

I visited to the house of Johan and Mieke this afternoon.
We met last December at a concert by chance.

At that time, Johan told me about the piano they have.
His father was a piano teacher in KC a long time ago.
It has not been used since his father passed away.
He said I can use their piano if I like.

We, students can use piano at school of course,
but you have to wait a room and it takes much time.
That's why I visited them to borrow the piano today.
Which helped me to make a music.
I left for school at a quarter to 3 for my lesson with Yannis.

In the lesson, we talked about the RAIN and a new piece for Ensemble Royal.
After the lesson, I had been composing until half past ten at school.
The deadline is approaching.

02 March, 2009

Went up in smoke

I'm disappointed.

I was editing music last night because my friend asked me to put them together
for her dance project last Wednesday.
I haven't had a time to do that until yesterday, and I thought it was the last day I can use for this.
So I concentrated on making track for a few hours.
I've made a 6minutes music and sent it by email.

However, she called me today and told me that it is not good enough to use for improvising,
In addition, they don't have time to develop the piece for the coming stage.
Even more unfortunately, she became sick. So they decided not to perform this time finally.
Well, it's pity but I can understand their decision. I hope we can have a next time.

27 February, 2009

Nowadays, Composer choreograph!!

I had a conference call with Hiroyuki in Japan around noon. We discussed on the work in progress, LIFE AREA. And we talked about things in the future. It was nice to talk beyond geographic distances, directing our dreams to the future.

Then I visited Tomoko's house to meet her guest, Mr. Nomura and his partner. He is a one of the famous composer among people in Community Art scene. I showed my latest piece, "RAIN" on video which I choreographed. Then he showed us recent project, "Keyboard Choreography Collection" with photos. What is happening to composers? Funny we start to choreograph as composer.

That is a project which they focus on children's behavior against the piano. They went to kinder garden to take video, as investigation so to say, and made a list of playing style or way based on their analysis of the video. I want to see this project in live someday. It seems like interesting research for body movement.

10 February, 2009


I was working for RAIN with the Max patch which Takuto programed yesterday to make a sound track from my piano piece. The time structure has been already fixed, though, we are searching better sound in terms of quarity and character for this piece.

I left for Amsterdam around noon to visit the Open day of Das Arts. General information was very clear and we could have conversation with some students from Das Arts. I met two visitors who are working in theater direct field. I'm not sure whether their education fits for me.

08 February, 2009

Completed the first stage

After I composed at KonCon in the morning,
moved to a studio in Lucent Dans Theater to have a rehearsal with Chiaki.
We worked on the middle part mainly.
At long last, we had completed the piece, RAIN. In the next week, we intend to make it better.

During our rehearsal, Jane finished with making costume for her.
What a first worker she is!

Then I back to KonCon to continue my composition.
It was long day today.

RAIN will be performed in KC-Lab on 16th Feb, 2009 at Korzo5Hoog.

06 February, 2009

Reserved Ice Block

After the lesson finished, I called to the producer of Q-music to ask the possibilities for getting ice block.
After all, he understood our project and accepted my assignment.
Great!! All I need is waiting for the ice block melt and pray for the game over before our performance.

In the after noon, I spent in front of the piano to compose.
I was too tired so that I couldn't let my brain go.
But I went to the NDT's performance, "The Second Person" in the evening,
because I could get a discount ticket.

The last piece which use a doll was the best for me.
Forsythe's piece, "Enemy in the Figure" was also performed tonight
which is the same piece I saw last month in Amsterdam by Ballet de l'Opera de Lyon.
It was better than the last time, because my seat placed in center and I could see well.

Like a City Design

At nine in the morning, Theo and me went to the park next to the Bijnenhof to ask the staff of Q-Ijs about the schedule.
But as it's ice, nobody knows when the game will over, it's depends on the weather, they told us.
Somewhat I got the contact of the person who is producing this event.

I had a lesson with Gilius around noon.
I played my sound sketch on the piano for the Ensemble Royal.
He suggested me to think about two things.

The first one is a whole structure.
What I made is like a growth of town in old time, he said.
I was just making material one by one.
They have no relationship between materials.
We need city design before start to build up houses in modern city.
I can understand what he said.
I just tried to find my idea in terms of gesture in music that time.
I agreed with that totally.

Another thing is an advice "don't be afraid to change them".
OK, I will.

04 February, 2009


We supposed to have a second rehearsal tonight, though, he won't come any more.
I got an email last night from a male dancer with a negative answer.
It stamped me, but I can't change this situation.
I decided to make my piece solo because I couldn't find a male dancer finally.
Meanwhile, I have to say thanks to Chiaki, the dance is getting better and better.

Jane came to studio to see how our work is going on.
She will take part of making a costume which makes me happy.

01 February, 2009

Project Perform 0809

Project Perform 0809 was held in Amsterdam from 29 till 31 Jan, 2009. I went only today but they had a seminar in this afternoon as well as performances in the night.

Speakers were included a performance artist, a coordinator of the performance school and a researcher of contemporary art. The kernel of a story was "performativity". They looked at performance from various perspectives. How to build a relationship with society. Meaning of performance which approaches other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, education. Differences from installation, visual arts. What would be the strategies for performance. It's pity that in spite of this wide-ranging discussions, it's too short to develop an argument.

In the evening, I also watched several performances by young artists. As well as can be expected. That's OK, I guess.

22 January, 2009

Sound Team for LIFE AREA

I worked with Takuto at my house this afternoon.
He came with the Max patch for our installation project, LIFE AREA.
We began to build up a basic environment to realize sound specialization.
The patch he made is based on my concept.

It's basically 4 channel specialization of sound.
Each direction, Front-LR and Rear L-R, has several layers in it.
Takuto explained the system.
I have confidence in his technique.

Next time, we are planning to focus more on sound sources.

21 January, 2009


We had a Yannis' class, "Strategy of Live Electronics" today.
This class had started from this new year.
I couldn't attend last week so today was the first time for me.

Yannis spoke on Microphone referring to a history and type of them.
Although I knew the fundamental it was good to hear with some sound examples
such as field recording, experimental video by Dick Raaijmakers.

After the class, I went to GroteMarkt to buy a new notebook.
Since I got a Moleskine's Notebook as a present from my friend,
I've been a fun of it and I bought the third one today.

20 January, 2009

Vocal with Big Ensemble

I had a personal lesson with Gilius.
He asked me about a piece for Ensemble Royal
because he was worrying about my progress of work.
It's true that I've been busy my own projects recently.
So we started with discussing on this topic today.

I showed a poem by Amir Or, Israel poet and writer, "Hand on Hand".
Initially, I was going to draw several sentences from the lecture by Bernard Stiegler.
But I begin to wonder whether it's too difficult literary words to be sang.
And then, I found this poem on the Internet in the end of last year by chance.

My piece to be written for Mezzo-soprano and 12 instrumental;
2 Hammond Organ, 2 Piano, 6 Guitar, 2 Bass Guitar.
Although I cut down the number from the Piter Schats' instrumentation, it's still large ensemble.

This piece will be performed in the Spring Festival in April.

18 January, 2009

The sky is starting to clear up.

I was researching movement in a studio this afternoon.
Soon Chiaki showed up and we worked together.
We focused on the beginning of the piece and took a short video at the end of our session.
Thanks to her creative advices, I could chose these sequences.
We'd better hurry up anyway.

dance piece [RAIN] will be performed in KC-Lab 2.
20:30- , 16 February, 2009, Korzo5Hoog, Den Haag

01 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a new year lunch at Hakase's house.
Misaki made Kuromame, Kuri-kinton, Namasu.
Hakase made Ozowni, Datemaki, Cooked shrimp.
I brought Mandarin orange and Japanese Sake.
eating dishes,

Then we went to mass at Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel.
I'm not Christian, though, I sang in a choir for the first time after a very short practice.
It was nice to know how they perform a ceremony.
At the end of mass, I began to feel ill for some reason.
So as soon as it ended up, I went back to my house.
Maybe it was because of cold. Or did my mind feel uncomfortable with singing?
I don't know...

After I ate dinner, Katsu-don, I feel better.
I got some greeting emails which also made me happy.