30 July, 2009

How many mugs do you really need?

After cleaning up my apartment last week, we decided to get rid of mugs and plates. Having a full cardboard-box of mugs is obviously too much. Almost all was from the former roommate actually. We chose as much as we needed, and I brought the rest to a second hand shop in the afternoon. I was expecting that they pay me a bit, but in fact, they didn't. Well, instead of money, we got a space in our cupboard.

Then I visited a friend of mine. We talked about the difference between things you want to do and things someone expects you to do, and making music as job or hobby.

I believe that the best way to create something is just doing what you believe the best. As media is dramatically changing and the way of listening is diversifying in general, it will become easier to find one's own favorite music. So, "Do it as you like" is the most effective attitude to create, I think. Then if you are good enough to work as a professional, people wouldn't miss you and you might become a professional. Otherwise you are not made for that. That's all.

Haruki Murakami made the speech when he got the Jerusalem Prize, "I will always stand on the side of the egg." I support this as an artist. I regard egg as pride, amour-propre in French. And Bernard Stiegler addressed the importance of self-affirmation in his lecture. ("To love, to love me, to love us: from September 11 to April 21") At a period of anxiety, we ought to love ourselves more.

Additionally, the more you know history and what others are doing, the more possibilities you might be able to work as a professional would come up. These information or knowledge, in time and space axis, are a sort of map for life.  And you would be able to have confidence in yourself with this map. Having a broad perspective makes you modest. It never ends up underestimation. Make it simple just as you like.

SERORI (celery) by Masayoshi Yamazaki

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