02 October, 2009

Step By Step

As I'm working for the video installation, "pulse" by Youki Hirakawa, I sent a set of sound samples to him today. His first impression seemed to be good.

In the afternoon, I met a friend of mine, YK. She addresses the human rights issue; trafficking in children and women in Southeast Asia. I returned the DVDs she lent me last time. Those movie were made in order to explain about child labor in India. The children from The Bornfree Art School International took cameras and sneak into their workshop. It is difficult to shoot children working in that kinds of place, so this DVDs are the scarcity value in that sence.

We talked about the artistry of children, education, biased information and common sense, how to appeal to people who lack of interest. I don't want to make art a tool for politics, though, I believe artists might be able to act as a good mediator who build a place where different people could come together and share their thought.

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