06 October, 2009

What's can be a spectacle?

Croissant, Cheese, Kiwi and Tea for breakfast. Lovely time.

Went to Rotterdam to have a meeting with a coordinator of Rotterdamse Dans Academie. Understanding and support of both KonCon and RDA, I'll be able to take some course from RDA. They allow me not only to use their library, but also to observe some workshops for choreograph students. And Joan, my teacher at Exnunc let me take her dance class on Friday there as well.

After turned back to the Hague, I dropped by Kringloop Holland in fruitweg. Bought a bed-sized mattress for 10 euro and 4 old clothes for 6 euro. Yes!

I encountered the flooded road on my way back home. It seemed like the water pipe in underground exploded.

Got a bite to eat at home, then left for the school for the lesson with Gilius. I showed the second edition of movie which Youki sent me a few days ago. As soon as I receive the rest of sound data, I'll do the final edit this week.

My colleague, Jeremiah had a concert, the first "Opera" as he explained, at Het Nutshuis in the evening. It took place in the entrance hall where I had the installation, LIFE AREA in last March. The performance gave me a big question; what's the concept? It was like this...

Brass choir were sitting on chairs along the walls. Grand piano on the left side. A small tent covered by black clothes was settled on the right side. All musicians listened to the guide through the mp3 player.

Atonal codes by Piano were followed by breathing sound by Brass choir. The Monochord player started by the piano and moved to the other side. The creaking sound was very impressive. Brass choir started to drink a bottle of beer.
A naked woman who tied her hands up, was dragged out from the tent toward the piano. Male and female choir waiting at the first floor started to sing. Composer appeared on the grand floor and dragged a dead mouse.

Two assistant brought foam cartons. It turned out there is a dead kid goat inside. Composer took a head of it and put it on the carbon dioxide gas cylinder. It sounded so loud that some audience covered their ears. After solo of Monochord, another man hold a gun in his mouth appeared and sang through gun with Monochord.

Is this sensational? Hummmmmm.. What can I say..

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