29 September, 2008

the First Studium

We had the first Studium General tonight.

Everyone in the Vareszall introduced him/herself with only few words. As far as I remember, we didn't have a such introduction last year. That was almost only name and nationality of each person. But this kind of initiations works indeed.

To my joy, we have a two new Japanese composers in our department this year. Another two Japanese in Sonology as well as many other players. It seems like it's going to be exciting.

16 September, 2008

Dinner with myself

Attended Pieter Paborn's DSP (Digital Signal Processing). He explained about a fundamental of FFT. I talked to one student in class after it over. We had a lunch together in Cantine.

When I got home, my room mate was in the kitchen with a lady. He introduced me to his sister. They were cooking mussels for a dinner. It reminded me of my sister and family. It's really nice to live close with your family. Although I spend a lot of time with my family this summer, I miss eating dinner with my family today.

15 September, 2008

New season has started

Today I had a Yannis's lesson for the first time. From this year, my teachers are Gilius van Bergeijk and Yannis Kyriakides. We talked about my agenda for this study year. It seems like that my second year in the Holland will become a quite busy days.

In the Johan's class, we heard the piece, "SOLO" by Stockhausen. Johan showed the big switch which he used once when he had performed this piece as an assistant. It was such a big like a printer, and has two wooden lever. The piece is written for any melodic solo instrument with looped tape. Although the recording we heard was different from the original, edited by both Globokar after he performed and Stockhausen himself, I enjoyed the music.

In the afternoon, I met Aspasia, composer at Central station. She told me some useful information for our project
as well as things had happened since we met last time. After having a meal, I went to the concert at STEIM in A'dam. It was the opening concert of DNK.