27 February, 2009

Nowadays, Composer choreograph!!

I had a conference call with Hiroyuki in Japan around noon. We discussed on the work in progress, LIFE AREA. And we talked about things in the future. It was nice to talk beyond geographic distances, directing our dreams to the future.

Then I visited Tomoko's house to meet her guest, Mr. Nomura and his partner. He is a one of the famous composer among people in Community Art scene. I showed my latest piece, "RAIN" on video which I choreographed. Then he showed us recent project, "Keyboard Choreography Collection" with photos. What is happening to composers? Funny we start to choreograph as composer.

That is a project which they focus on children's behavior against the piano. They went to kinder garden to take video, as investigation so to say, and made a list of playing style or way based on their analysis of the video. I want to see this project in live someday. It seems like interesting research for body movement.

10 February, 2009


I was working for RAIN with the Max patch which Takuto programed yesterday to make a sound track from my piano piece. The time structure has been already fixed, though, we are searching better sound in terms of quarity and character for this piece.

I left for Amsterdam around noon to visit the Open day of Das Arts. General information was very clear and we could have conversation with some students from Das Arts. I met two visitors who are working in theater direct field. I'm not sure whether their education fits for me.

08 February, 2009

Completed the first stage

After I composed at KonCon in the morning,
moved to a studio in Lucent Dans Theater to have a rehearsal with Chiaki.
We worked on the middle part mainly.
At long last, we had completed the piece, RAIN. In the next week, we intend to make it better.

During our rehearsal, Jane finished with making costume for her.
What a first worker she is!

Then I back to KonCon to continue my composition.
It was long day today.

RAIN will be performed in KC-Lab on 16th Feb, 2009 at Korzo5Hoog.

06 February, 2009

Reserved Ice Block

After the lesson finished, I called to the producer of Q-music to ask the possibilities for getting ice block.
After all, he understood our project and accepted my assignment.
Great!! All I need is waiting for the ice block melt and pray for the game over before our performance.

In the after noon, I spent in front of the piano to compose.
I was too tired so that I couldn't let my brain go.
But I went to the NDT's performance, "The Second Person" in the evening,
because I could get a discount ticket.

The last piece which use a doll was the best for me.
Forsythe's piece, "Enemy in the Figure" was also performed tonight
which is the same piece I saw last month in Amsterdam by Ballet de l'Opera de Lyon.
It was better than the last time, because my seat placed in center and I could see well.

Like a City Design

At nine in the morning, Theo and me went to the park next to the Bijnenhof to ask the staff of Q-Ijs about the schedule.
But as it's ice, nobody knows when the game will over, it's depends on the weather, they told us.
Somewhat I got the contact of the person who is producing this event.

I had a lesson with Gilius around noon.
I played my sound sketch on the piano for the Ensemble Royal.
He suggested me to think about two things.

The first one is a whole structure.
What I made is like a growth of town in old time, he said.
I was just making material one by one.
They have no relationship between materials.
We need city design before start to build up houses in modern city.
I can understand what he said.
I just tried to find my idea in terms of gesture in music that time.
I agreed with that totally.

Another thing is an advice "don't be afraid to change them".
OK, I will.

04 February, 2009


We supposed to have a second rehearsal tonight, though, he won't come any more.
I got an email last night from a male dancer with a negative answer.
It stamped me, but I can't change this situation.
I decided to make my piece solo because I couldn't find a male dancer finally.
Meanwhile, I have to say thanks to Chiaki, the dance is getting better and better.

Jane came to studio to see how our work is going on.
She will take part of making a costume which makes me happy.

01 February, 2009

Project Perform 0809

Project Perform 0809 was held in Amsterdam from 29 till 31 Jan, 2009. I went only today but they had a seminar in this afternoon as well as performances in the night.

Speakers were included a performance artist, a coordinator of the performance school and a researcher of contemporary art. The kernel of a story was "performativity". They looked at performance from various perspectives. How to build a relationship with society. Meaning of performance which approaches other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, education. Differences from installation, visual arts. What would be the strategies for performance. It's pity that in spite of this wide-ranging discussions, it's too short to develop an argument.

In the evening, I also watched several performances by young artists. As well as can be expected. That's OK, I guess.