27 February, 2009

Nowadays, Composer choreograph!!

I had a conference call with Hiroyuki in Japan around noon. We discussed on the work in progress, LIFE AREA. And we talked about things in the future. It was nice to talk beyond geographic distances, directing our dreams to the future.

Then I visited Tomoko's house to meet her guest, Mr. Nomura and his partner. He is a one of the famous composer among people in Community Art scene. I showed my latest piece, "RAIN" on video which I choreographed. Then he showed us recent project, "Keyboard Choreography Collection" with photos. What is happening to composers? Funny we start to choreograph as composer.

That is a project which they focus on children's behavior against the piano. They went to kinder garden to take video, as investigation so to say, and made a list of playing style or way based on their analysis of the video. I want to see this project in live someday. It seems like interesting research for body movement.

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