06 February, 2009

Like a City Design

At nine in the morning, Theo and me went to the park next to the Bijnenhof to ask the staff of Q-Ijs about the schedule.
But as it's ice, nobody knows when the game will over, it's depends on the weather, they told us.
Somewhat I got the contact of the person who is producing this event.

I had a lesson with Gilius around noon.
I played my sound sketch on the piano for the Ensemble Royal.
He suggested me to think about two things.

The first one is a whole structure.
What I made is like a growth of town in old time, he said.
I was just making material one by one.
They have no relationship between materials.
We need city design before start to build up houses in modern city.
I can understand what he said.
I just tried to find my idea in terms of gesture in music that time.
I agreed with that totally.

Another thing is an advice "don't be afraid to change them".
OK, I will.

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