06 February, 2009

Reserved Ice Block

After the lesson finished, I called to the producer of Q-music to ask the possibilities for getting ice block.
After all, he understood our project and accepted my assignment.
Great!! All I need is waiting for the ice block melt and pray for the game over before our performance.

In the after noon, I spent in front of the piano to compose.
I was too tired so that I couldn't let my brain go.
But I went to the NDT's performance, "The Second Person" in the evening,
because I could get a discount ticket.

The last piece which use a doll was the best for me.
Forsythe's piece, "Enemy in the Figure" was also performed tonight
which is the same piece I saw last month in Amsterdam by Ballet de l'Opera de Lyon.
It was better than the last time, because my seat placed in center and I could see well.

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