06 October, 2009

Give and Take, English and Dutch

Had a Dutch lesson with Theo. I did les 7 en 8. As I need to know words for body, we made a illustration with the name of parts. Now I have to learn it by heart. After the lesson, we went to the shop to bring the mattress. Not bad.

Talked with Youki about our project through skype. I will make a new sound for the last scene. He will send the latest version as soon as he edited. I received some sample from field recording.

Gave a piano lesson at D's house. My friend asked me to take care her student in October, due to her absence. D is 7 years old. It was the first time for me to teach music in English. Because of that, I was bit nervous. But it was easier than I thought.

Attended a dance class by Marieke at Danslab in the evening. The teacher spoke in Dutch, so it was difficult to understand immediately. However, it's a dance, I was able to follow the lesson by watching. I'm going to take this class weekly.

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