26 July, 2009

Meal in the Garden

Having a meal with Jack and Laura.

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Since last June, I've been involved in the educational project, Watch That Sound (WTS), to arrange it into Japanese. We have already done a try out at the Rotterdam Japanese School on 25th June with children studying there.

We are addressing to expand this activity toward Japan and Germany now. The leader, Jacques and sound technician, Jasper made a working visit to Tokyo mainly for the first workshop in Yokohama on 18th July. After a successful trip, Jack got back to Rotterdam and invited me to his house on last Wednesday.

Showing pictures on iPod, he told me almost everything which he had in Japan. A show by d.v.d, "meal ticket method" and of course the workshop at Piccolino Kindergarten. They met a lot of interesting people such as educator, musician, producer of film festival just in a ten days. They are hard workers. Good news is they have chosen Kôji to make the movie for the Dutch children. The workshop worked out well, so they have reached quite some goals.

We talked about strategy for the future. Idea with dancers, foundation, Camera Japan and story board for the new film. Then I explained about music education in Japan and Japanese traditional instruments etc. It was a pretty good evening.


Today I got started with designing the website for Company N. First, I wrote the site map down. Then I made a sample of banner and sent it to the manager. I hope they like it.

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