29 July, 2009


Following the passing of Pina Baush, founder of Tanztheater on 30th of June, Merce Cunningham, innovator of modern dance, has died on 26th July.

It was the video piece by Nam June Paik when I saw him dancing for the first time. I'm not sure that was at Yokohama Museum of Art or The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, though. After reading a book by RoseLee Goldberg freshman year in the university (so at least after 2002), I had just known his activity from concept rather than watching his works. He refused to interpret music and abandoned conventional storytelling. Instead, he used chance, working with John Cage, an influential composer.

As I receive the news, I'm Very belatedly watching some pieces on YouTube during the past few days. He was always looking for something new. To keep changing is not easy, but that is for artists the most important matter, being free.

Rest in peace, the Dance Giant.
Or, do you want to dance still there?

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"café muller" Pina Bausch
"Le Sacre du Printemps" Pina Bausch

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