27 July, 2009

Asian to Europe

I was working for the documentation of our project, LIFE AREA in the afternoon. We made a draft in Japanese few weeks ago. Now we are writing it in English. In this paper, we explain how we made sound for this installation from concept to realization.

I think this way is better than just starting with English. First, it's easier to output in Japanese for us. Second, when we translate, we have to be logical more than thinking in Japanese. So the sentences will get sophisticated. Yes, I know that we need someone to check grammar, though.

I ate dinner with my roommate tonight. We cooked chicken and vegetables with boemboe, Indonesia liquid herb-and-spice mixes. After let it all simmer, we served it with Mie, Indonesian noodle. It was tasty. We will do this again.

I'm going out to work at the Asian restaurant. Today is the first day. I'll wash all dishes in the kitchen. It is hard to survive especially for non-Dutch speaker. But life is FUN!

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