15 June, 2009

The First Shoot Session

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We had the first shoot session at an old school in Amsterdam today.
I'm making a dance video in collaboration with Hans and Nadia.
We started with the idea that tracing the shape of person who lying on the floor.
Hans shot the movie from the top of ladder. It's not the best way to shoot, though, we took a some nice pictures.

After having an hour long movie, we came up with some other ideas. For instance,
you turn images upside down or make 90-degree turns. We will try these in the next time.

I found a new way to direct dancer with the voice percussion, giving instructions a bit.
In this way, you can control a tempo and accent of the movement in improvisation.
Anyway, it was a very productive day so I'm happy.

Then we went to have a drink to a riverside cafe.
It was perfect weather to sit outside and have a cup of tea. A bitter lemon for me, to be precise.

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