20 January, 2009

Vocal with Big Ensemble

I had a personal lesson with Gilius.
He asked me about a piece for Ensemble Royal
because he was worrying about my progress of work.
It's true that I've been busy my own projects recently.
So we started with discussing on this topic today.

I showed a poem by Amir Or, Israel poet and writer, "Hand on Hand".
Initially, I was going to draw several sentences from the lecture by Bernard Stiegler.
But I begin to wonder whether it's too difficult literary words to be sang.
And then, I found this poem on the Internet in the end of last year by chance.

My piece to be written for Mezzo-soprano and 12 instrumental;
2 Hammond Organ, 2 Piano, 6 Guitar, 2 Bass Guitar.
Although I cut down the number from the Piter Schats' instrumentation, it's still large ensemble.

This piece will be performed in the Spring Festival in April.

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