01 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a new year lunch at Hakase's house.
Misaki made Kuromame, Kuri-kinton, Namasu.
Hakase made Ozowni, Datemaki, Cooked shrimp.
I brought Mandarin orange and Japanese Sake.
eating dishes,

Then we went to mass at Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel.
I'm not Christian, though, I sang in a choir for the first time after a very short practice.
It was nice to know how they perform a ceremony.
At the end of mass, I began to feel ill for some reason.
So as soon as it ended up, I went back to my house.
Maybe it was because of cold. Or did my mind feel uncomfortable with singing?
I don't know...

After I ate dinner, Katsu-don, I feel better.
I got some greeting emails which also made me happy.

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