27 November, 2008


I don't take any class on Thursday, so I stayed at home and working for the arrangement of "O Holy Night". I had also to arrange my trip to Rome today. I ordered my flight ticket and hotel for the first night through the internet.
Although I checked Euroline as well as plane, it's much more expensive than take a plane.

As we planed yesterday, Ryoya came to Den Haag in the evening. After having a dinner, we went to the performance of NDT1. They had three pieces, choreographed by Kyrian, Van Manan and young Walerski tonight.
Ryoya seems to have a lucky, today's performance had a live orchestra accompany by Holland Symphony as well.

Kyrian and Van Manan's piece was old one premiered in 90's. I liked "Underneath" by Medhi Walerski better than those masters'. They showed dynamic movements in front of the big wall having a dominating presence. And a screened video in the latter half which shows swimming dancers in the water was beautiful and impressive. I thought that it represents a fleeing from oppression or something.

"PetiteMort" Netherlands Dans Theater
Lucent Danstheater

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