21 December, 2009

Return Home

I've returned home in Nagoya today. I spent in Tokyo last week. This is the first time in one and half year.

Grandmother, Mitsue was waiting at the entrance. I was surprised at a pile of books in Father's study room. (There is lesser space on the floor you can see..) My big sister, Kazuna who recovered from flu got home just after me arriving.
Then I went walk the dog, Cookie who almost forgot me. Bought a bouquet near the station for my mother's birthday.

When Yumi, my mother had come home back, she was pleased with it, complaining that nobody celebrated yesterday.
After Yoshihiro, my father arrived at home, we started to talk how the life going, eating Oden for dinner.

We watched the DVD of the wedding of Osamu, my cousin. He was looked very nice in a white tuxedo. The bride with a happy face. I couldn't be there, though it's edited so well that I felt as if I saw whole the party.

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