30 March, 2011

"Pulse" on TV, "Death and Mirror" on Stage

Two good news.

First, I'm pleased to announce the broadcast of "Pulse(2009)" on a cable TV.

Since 15th March, you can see the video piece "Pulse" (Video:Youki Hirakawa, Music:Tomohisa Hashimoto) through the cable TV called "Souvenirs from Earth" everyday in France and Germany.

Please see the link for more information.

Second, my piece, "Death and Mirror"(2007) was performed in Zaragoza, Spain last week! I couldn't go the concert. So, please let me know how it went if you were there.

Thu 24th March, 2011 19:00-
Venue: Salón de Actos CAI. Paseo Independencia 10, Zaragoza.
Musicians: Naomi Sato (Sho, Saxophone), Luís Tabuenca(Percussion)

To see the flyer(PDF), please visit to: http://scr.bi/faGYQo

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