20 August, 2007

First Day in Den Haag

As soon as I arrive the room,
I succeeded in connecting to the Internet.
So I e-mailed to Yuki, the primary tenant of this room.

I went to the Embassy of Japan by yuki's bicycle.
I failed to applying for verification because it's a time after office hours.
However, I found where it is.

Then I went to the VVV(visitors information center) to ask
where I can buy prepaid cell-phone.
Then I bought a cell-phone at a shop near the VVV.

The clerk changed to English mode for me,
but I didn't know how to use.
In addition, the manual is written in Dutch.
You can download an English manual through the Internet.
It's hard for me to living here.

When I was eating a hamburger, it began to rain.
Fortunately, I was having a raincoat, I didn't get wet.
I've heard that raincoats are must for changeable weather in the Netherlands.

I also went to the Conservatoire,
but they have already closed the door at that time.

Yuki informed me that she had received a consent from her older friend in Dutch,
I called him and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

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