24 February, 2013

talk event about Sharing-oriented Society

Yesterday I joined the talk event "Ping-pong Dialogue - our future by sharing" in Nagoya.
Recently the number of Shared office or Shared house has been increasing in Japan. We share many things in our life through the SNSs. Sharing is just fun.

During the event we thought about the intangible asset of this new trend and also problems when you share something. For instance, about Shared house, you have to wait to use some kitchen stuff if your roommate is using. about SNS, there are something you want to make it public then your friend post it, like dating. 

During the session, we were aware that sharing is, actually, not new thing. Culture has been made by sharing. True! And the useful tools, products or information became common.

I felt 7 hours was just too short to talk this broad topic. Anyway, thanks to you all, the event gave me great satisfaction to know that at least there are so many people who are interested in shifting to a Sharing-oriented Society 
in this city, Nagoya.

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