26 March, 2013

art magazine "REAR no.29" (2013)

I wrote an article for a Japanese art critic magazine, "REAR no.29"'s special issue of "about the sound" which will appear on store shelves from this week.

In addition to myself, there are four contributors:
Akiko FUJII "The Cage Effect Today", Tomoko YABUMAE "What his voice inspires - Fuyuki Yamakawa", and Hisanori GOGOTA "Between music (performance) and art (exhibition)".

This is actually the first time for me to be asked to write an article for a critical media though, I'm glad to find that mine is the opening article in this issue.

Under the title "music on the stage", I wrote about a recent trends of music (for) theater, referring to recent Japanese stages: "Dokoka Iku Fune"(Direction:Toshiro SUZUE, Music:Tomohisa HASHIMOTO), "The Restaurant of Many Orders"(Direction:Hiroshi KOIKE, Music:Toshio NAKAGAWA and Kensuke FUJII),
"Hikari no nai(Kein Licht)"(Direction:Motoi MIURA, Music:Masahiro MIWA)
and from The Netherlands,
"A.M."(Arnoud Noordegraaf: Film and Music) and Tomoko MUKAIYAMA's works.

In this no.29, "MusiCircus at Adachi Market" where I performed as the unit, SHOT, is also mentioned in the article of Ms.FUJII. And there is also a review of the stage "Mishima-ru" for which I made music.

You can find REAR in some bookstores and gallery (sorry, only in Japan). [bit.ly/wheREAR]
Also you can order through [tsubamebook.com]

"REAR no.29" (2013) 
Feature 1 - about the sound
Feature 2 - sculpture artist and works
ISBN 978-4-907210-29-8
JPY 450, A5 size, Japanese

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