31 May, 2008


I went to Theater De Regentes to see the performance by Ji-sun Yang. When I entered the room placed innermost in the theater, a scarlet color jumped to the eye. That was the color of hanging fabric wall made of stretchable textile, in which embed three robes from the shoulder toward the base.

Two female dancers were dressing in the fixed-robe. Three musicians (Bass clarinet, Accordion, Cello) were sitting down face to face with dancers.

After the short black out, the performance started. The beginning with fluent atmosphere reminded me of the 3rd movement of Mahler's Symphony No.1, however it's in C moll, instead of D.

Dancers started to move their arms and legs with all deliberate speed. The music had a beautiful and very slow progression like a drawn-out choral. It never stepped out from Aeolian scale just like that dancers didn't come out from the wall.

In the middle of piece, another dancer appeared into the last robe from the backside.
After having a solo of her, she disappeared again. Once performance came to a climax,
everything faded and went back to the original point.

What the title, "Almost" means? Well, it might be a good idea to close the review with this. It's almost as if they're connected.

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