04 June, 2008

Anne's house

Aunt Keiko and her friend are visiting to the Netherlands. They arrived at Amsterdam station in this noon from Belgium where they had stayed until yesterday. After checked in, we went out for a lunch.

Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House...
I talked to them how's the life in here going on Canal Bus travel.

It was the first time to visit Anne's house for me, though I have been to A'dam many times before. I was surprised at the design of the building. It was exactly where Anne family used to keep themselves hidden from Nazi Germany, however, was not an ordinary memorial house which just preserving. The entrance has modern style with glass.
And exhibition is designed to allow guests to understand well from a multilateral standpoint in such a way that using video and photos.

Letters from the Anne's diary are painted on the walls. Walking up the stair and taking a house tour, we could follow her feeling with her three year diary. The exhibition ends up with the death of Anne at the highest room.

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