21 January, 2008

How to compose

We had a weekly colloquium, a regular meeting of composers in KonCon. Ofir and Andrzej presented their music tonight.

Ofir doesn't write any notes but edits sounds with a computer. By his own account, he recorded some improvising sessions and choped them into fragments, then laid out those materials one by one. Yes, that is also the composition as well as writing notes.

In the other hand, Andrzej uses very specific notations such as doubled harmonics or one-eighth microtonal pitches. His score seems to order players to used to some "contemporary" technics in ensemble. During our discussion, someone mentioned that his music sounds like improvisation piece (despite his strict manner of notating). However you must hear constructions in it, so it's different from a improvisation indeed.

Both of them were really interesting. I thought they had achieved good results in a different way. The important thing is not how to make, but what they want to hear. Still, it's connected to each other as you know.

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