27 March, 2010

Sound Mapping

I was thinking about how to make a proceeding music for the Rhijnhof cemetery project. It will take place between the new lake and the small bridge to lead the audience. I'm gonna use 4 to 6 melodicas. It will start with a short fanfare across the big bridge by the new lake in order to grab an attention from the guests. Then, one of the performers will start to move to the small bridge which connects new area with old area of the cemetery. I think a canon form would be fit for this proceeding part. Up to here was what I had in my mind.

When I was watching a dance performance at De Regentes tonight, I got suddenly an idea which is Sound Mapping as I call. This is a kind of choreograph for musicians, so called a theatrical effect. Let's assume that music consist of three lines like a fugue. Each sequence of notes will be placed in a circle in space. So it's an imaginary invisible sound track to be read and played by performers who pass on. If all three players on the track and they start at the same time, it sounds totally. In another time, one might be on the track and others take a different course taking away from the round track. then you will here the original single melody with some counter lines.

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