26 May, 2011

Tsuchigumo Overture in KC-Lab 23rd May

"Tsuchigumo Overture" was premiered in the concert KC-Lab.

The theater was renovated recently. There is a digital poster on the wall in the entrance.

最近リノベーションが終わったばかりの劇場でとても綺麗。入り口の壁には デジタルポスターで各公演の情報が表示されています。

The spacious foyer


Tsuchigumo Overture was commissioned by Accessible Contemporary Music(ACM) in 2010, and was first performed by Palomar in Chicago last October.

Tsuchigumo is one of the most popular Noh theatre. The name means "ground spider" in Japanese. I took the Tsuchigumo's original vocal line down in musical notation, and changed it into my own style for the instruments. Since the piece includes those melodies from several scenes from the original Noh theatre, it is like a trailer for a new film. That is why I used "overture" for the title.

My piece was performed in the second half, the second to the last.

土蜘蛛序曲は2010年に Accessible Contemporary Music(ACM)から委嘱を受けて作曲したもので、シカゴのアンサンブルPalomarにより昨年10月に初演されました。



Robert Manthey, conductor
Gaëlle Dohen, flute
Rocio Campos Torres, clarinet
Gijs van der Heijden, piano
Edward Peeters, horn

Tomohisa Hashimoto

23rd May, 2011 KC-Lab
@KorzoTheater, Den Haag

group photo after the concert.

Thank you all!

(We missed Edward...)


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