10 September, 2010

Recorder Mini Lecture and Concert Orgelpark

María Martínez Ayerza  www.mariayerza.com/
In the morning on Thursday, I was meeting with  Maria for upcoming project, Double Dream(DD). I'm writing a music for the video installation, DD. The music will be for recorder and harp. I asked Maria to show me her recorder collections in order to find which instrument I would like to use for DD. My request was Mid-Low resister and mellow sound.

She showed 8 instruments from Square bass, Harmonic tenor (Maarten Helder) to Baroque Tenor. Since I don't know yet which harp I can use, we couldn't choose the instrument today. The tuning system is one of the reason; some has pitch A= 415, some in 466. So recorder and harp should be tuned. Thanks to Maria I could record some videos her playing. It was a great lecture. By the way, why does this music instrument have the same name as Recorder, an apparatus for recording sound?

Then I went to the concert at Orgelpark
This was a one of the programs of Gaudeamus Music Week. As I was bit late, I missed the bigining part of the first piece, 1_1/64_1 (2010)  for violin solo, by Toru Nakatani. The piece were written in a concept of perpetual motion which requires great concentration. Violinist, Marleen Wester played very well. Being relax and naturally, but virtuosic at same time. Actually, I liked rather the second piece, Events (2006) by Hans Koolmees.

Since this was a Presentation concert of a new cd with Works for organ and percussion by Jan Hage and Tatiana Koleva, audiences got the CD for free at the front during the pause.

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